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. >> i am alison starling. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. let's get started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is back from his break. it is hard to believe it is almost april. >> the average high today is almost 60. we will probably be in the low 50's this afternoon. the last days have been in the 40's. another cold day today. let's look at the satellite and radar. clear skies. a few clouds of to the west. we will see some of that in our region later today. a mostly sunny day. the clouds will roll into night and will bring a wintry mix tomorrow. 28 degrees in hagerstown, 29 in quantico, 27 in culpeper, 37 in lexington park, 28 in gaithersburg. mostly sunny, low to mid 50's today. cloudy tomorrow with light mixed precipitation with limited accumulation in the higher elevations out west. >>> looks good around the beltway, interstate travel, looks good out of southern maryland looks good between annapolis and cheverly. no troubles on 95 or the b-w parkway. 270 southbound beginning to build in volume at urbana. moving nicely at father hurley boulevard. 6
boehner instead wants the ceremony at arlington national cemetery. the bodies of prominent u.s. citizens like rosa parks have been displayed in the capitol rotunda. his funeral is scheduled march 15. >>> a virginia teenage girl attacked a teacher in the classroom. a 17-year-old high school students punched the teacher several times in the face tuesday afternoon. criminal charges are pending against the student. the school district says the girl also faces long-term suspension or even expulsion. >>> metro passengers will brace for more sat down sand delays this weekend. the agency is getting to work on the orange, blue, and red lines. mike conneen joins us from new carrollton with what it means for passengers. >> it is complying with recommendations for the ntsb. passengers will use free shuttle buses available this weekend. metro is telling them to add an extra 40 minutes to their weekend commute. >> i don't have a car. >> it is another weekend, another round of metro track maintenance. >> i will have to pick up my >> 10:00 p.m. tonight through sunday night, the orange line is closed fro
it. >> yeah, we do. >>> first, the fierce winter weather back hitting us hard in spring. sam is out in a wintry mix. even though it's spring. >> yeah, it is a mix. we're getting a bounce off the jacket in the ice in the rain. mostly in times square, this is what we're dealing with. a little water to kick around. look at butler, new jersey, just 30 miles northwest. and a little elevation. you get snow out of the situation. and that's what the northeast is worried about. colder temperatures and some snow, even through tonight. there's plenty of places. we had 12 states with winter weather watches and advisories. 80 reports of severe weather. and damage from that weather. our barbara pinto is in winterset, iowa. and some twisters touched down. >> reporter: look at this. 1 of 16 tornadoes here in winterset, blowing this barn to bits. the tornado siren sounded around the dinner hour, sending people here and across the state, running for safety. this storm was powerful. it dumped golf ball-sized hail. tore roofs and siding from homes. toppled power lines. thankfully, no one was hurt. but
heightens the defiant mood of loyalists. >> as the u.s. strains under a third military operation in the islamic world, nato is preparing to take over command from the no-fly zone. this comes hours after a french flame -- a french plane hit an airplane in the no-fly zone. a day earlier a f-15 crew was down by mechanical failure in eastern libya. >> we saw his flair on the ground. we got eyes on his position. >> but the rescue crew says recovery was a moment of triumph and disaster averted. >> we had him in sight and said we're going to go in. >> while the libyan government says they are complying, the un security council says libya is in violation. >> they have claimed they have instituted a cease-fire. we see no evidence that is the case. >> the u.s. general who has been overseeing the effort sabre -- said he would have liked to have had more time to prepare. >> he was slaughtering his own people and you can't stand by. by that time, it may have become a moot point. >> a wave of democratic revolution is still sweeping the region. in yemen the nation's top general st
pressure that will move in from the north and west of us. all the storms that we have are long gone. look at our doppler radar. the showers are across the southern tip of the delmarva peninsula. it is still cloudy outside but given a few hours, we will get sunshine and temperatures will not warmup all lots. we will could be extended outlook coming up. >>> thank you very much. later today, the olney man accused of murdering two people in two days will be in court. the first murder happened friday in the second was on monday. the man is now charged with two counts of first-degree murder. prosecutors say he was on a conditional release after being found not criminally responsible for a 2008 crime. investigators have not figured out what led to these shootings. >>> deputies stepped up the search for missing pregnant woman and loudoun county. about an hour ago search crews began combing a wooded area near her ashburn,. she is five-months pregnant and has a 17-month-old child and was reported missing late in february. we will have the latest coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >>> turning to japan
akiko fujita abc news tokyo. >> i'm sure they can use the distraction. that's what's making news in >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead key developments from the crisis in libya. nato takes over control of airstrikes and the commander in chief send the cia. good morning, i am alison starling. >> i am pamela brown. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> it is a damp, cold morning. anticipate a few areas of rain across the region for opening day at national park. it's going to be wet on the seats. active rain showers right now are isolated over the bay and on the eastern shore. numerous reports of fog and drizzle. some reduced visibility. temperatures in the mid to upper 30's. high temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. the average high is 51 degrees. a little warmer tomorrow. i anticipate some areas of isolated rainshowers this afternoon and into early tomorrow morning. clearing out by late saturday despite the chance of the morning shower. warming up pushing 60 degrees especially by su
university park. hazmat technician says it was an non-toxic dye used in air conditioning units. the leak was tracked to a nearby highrise. fire officials say despite the disturbing the parents it poses no health risk. -- despite the disturbing appearance it poses no health risk. >>> the district wants to cut the number of taxis in half. cynne simpson has more on the plan. >> there are currently about 8000 taxis in the district. under the proposal, there would be about 4000. while there seems to be some consensus that is not enough cabs washingtonians want to seat adjustments in how taxis operate. in the city, where many residents do not have cars, cabs are an essential part of getting around. >> i would never take the matter. the most agree that hailing a cab is not easy, especially late at night. >> you wait and wait and they did not come. >> and in certain parts of town. >> capitol hill, southeast eastern market, it gets harder. >> several council members believe the answer is a medallion system, where cabs would essentially be assigned to different parts of the city. their proposed a
in the grey administration in return for helping the mayor's campaign. richard, tell us about this. >> as you said, just a short time ago the mayor wrapped up a news conference and call these allegations reprehensible and shocking. he said that yes, there had been some missteps, but denied any wrongdoing with his administration. picking up the washington post sunday, readers found themselves confronted by a dramatic headline. >> this is democracy. we don't do that. >> she is talking about this article in which mayor vincent gray starkly denies promising a city job. brown says not so. >> i was promised a job in exchange for continuing to put the heat on. >> brown says he received thousands of dollars to help with his own election and was told he would get the job if gray won the mayor's seat. gray denies the allegations. he says he never authorized cash payments, only that he promised an interview. >> i went on to indicate that should win, there would be different consideration. >> brown was later hard for a $107 job. he says he has text messages to prove that he and gray had a deal. >> if you
. thanks for joining us. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with lisa baden. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> good morning. a beautiful picture over the bay. sunrise in about 30 minutes. mostly clear skies overhead at this time. it's got to be another nice day with partly cloudy skies by midday and afternoon. you can see clear skies over the district, 33 degrees right now. we are below freezing for the most part. there are exceptions. 27 in brunswick and hagerstown, 25 in warrenton, 23 in berkeley springs, 29 in chevy chase. highs today in the low 50's with a fair amount of sunshine. mostly cloudy tomorrow, rain tomorrow evening and especially tomorrow night. throughout the entire day on thursday. heavy rain at times. a flood watch wednesday night through thursday. thursday morning could be a tricky commute. >>> what this. going live to newschopper 7 in laurel, maryland, won 97 and the baltimore-washington parkway emerging to gather. a pretty good ride, but heavy volume of traffic spotted between 198, 197, and down to powder mill road is normal. back to y
complex. her bank accounts and credit cards have not been used since the end of january. >> we would like to help the family and hope that there is something beyond suspicion of foul play. >> investigators say there are no obvious signs of foul play in this case they are hoping that the publicity will help get some leads for her family and for investigators who are looking for tonight. >>> marion barry got the boot tonight'. today, his car was botted. what did he have to say about this latest snafu? >> we are outside varian barry's house. behind me is his jaguar. during the night, he got a visit from the boat people. -- boot people. his jaguar was sitting back at his house. >> i was not a where. -- aware. >> a check of city records show that he is car had nine tickets totaling $700 before locations all over the d.c. >> how did you get to work this morning? >> talking to some of his neighbors, we found many surprised the you could get at least nine tickets. >> 20 minutes later, they towed it. >> the director of public works agreed. >> we saw his car with a boat on it. -- boot on it. >> the
's not clear what caused the fire. >>> one of two u.s. airman killed outside an airport in frankfurt was from greene county in central virginia. people there this morning are in mourning. 21-year-old zachary cuddeback was in a bus with 14 other enforcement when a gunman opened fire. he graduated from william monroe high school and he played football and ice hockey. >> he was the kind of kid always pleasant and respectful. >> very spirited, polite. >> if these local i probably know his mom and dad. >> the alleged gunman is an ethnic albanian. uka is believed to be a recently radicalized muslim. german authorities said that he confessed to targeting u.s. military members. if they believe he acted alone. >>> president obama called for an end to moammar gaddafi's rein in libya. this comes amid a wave of arrests, killings, and experiences in the country's capital. >> his opponents are trying to organize new protests. emily schmidt has the latest. >> there are reports of new libyan government airstrikes. rebel forces trying to get reinforcements on the ground. now the rebels are getting pretty rein
joins us. >> good morning. the calendar says march, but it may as well be memorial day when it comes to gas prices. they are rising so high, so quickly, it is cavate that is almost unparalleled in history. it has some senators asking the white house what it is going to do about it. the white house tipstaff yesterday's said the administration is considering tapping into the 727 million barrels u.s. strategic oil reserve. these are emergency reserves. it is real for a president to open up that option. the nationwide average is $3.51. that is up 33 cents in two weeks, the second-biggest price increase on record. prices spiked by along with the middle east uprisings. so far there are no shortages, does dealing with the worries that the protests could spread to even larger oil-producing nations like saudi arabia. consumers are faced with paying more and the meantime -- in the meantime. when it gets above $4 a gallon, the demand drops, according to analysts, so than the prices fall as well. many parts of the country are already dealing with the reality of $4 a gallon. we are seeing a lot o
the capital. this force is also used warplanes to attack the rebels. government forces say that they captured several key cities. >>> gas prices have gone up so much so fast that they are hovering around $4 a gallon. can the president helped? -- help? pamela schmidt is joining us from northwest washington. >> good morning. nice to talk with you this monday morning. it feels like memorial day when it comes to gas prices. that's because prices have gone up so high, so fast, faster than almost any time in history. the administration is considering tapping into the 727 million barrel u.s. strategic oil reserve. emergency reserve. it is rare for a president to open up that option year the nationwide average right now is $3.51 a gallon. a new survey says that is up 33 cents in two weeks, the second biggest price increase on record. prices spiked along with the middle east uprisings. are no shortages so far. there are just worries that the protests could produce a larger oil-producing nations like saudi arabia. consumers are faced with getting last at the pump or paying more. but some analysts say t
. they need labor concessions. >> we have a very thin margin in our medical practice and we use it to invest in the hospital. >> pickets continue with no resolution in sight. both sides remain in disagreement over a new contract, they do agree that once this labor dispute is resolved, there likely will be friction between the nurses that went out on strike and those who showed up for work. >>> a major step forward today for same-sex marriage in maryland's greg they voted in favor of the same-sex measure -- marriage bill. the senate has already approved the measure. gov. martin o'malley says that he will sign it. >>> a positive sign that the economy is turning around. the unemployment rate had dropped to 8.9%, the lowest rate in nearly two years. there was a hiring spree last month. experts say business and retailers are expanding. they warned, however, the recession is not over. >>> conducted on a story that we first told you about at 5:00. a man has been rescued from this side of the new york high rise. the men were on a broken and suspended scaffolding there for an hour. the arrested man h
is not buying it. this 28-acre parcel has always been intended for educational use. and those impacted the most were not even given a voice. >> we ought to engage in conversation and come to this up front. not come to a conclusion in advance and tell residents what you're going to do. >> the biggest concern would be the traffic because there is so much traffic right now. >> county officials say they do plan to meet with residents, but not until the school board at hands over the plans. >> much of the east coast is cleaning up after another powerful snowstorm. parts of upstate new york got 30 inches of snow today. many areas are recording their highest snowfall on record. we were out of the scene of prince william county where you can see that van is stuck. the fire and rescue crews responded, but did not find anyone around. they believe it was just abandoned. it >> fortunately, lidge was isolated. wednesday night and thursday there may be more measurable rain. looking out live from our rooftop camera. the son said at -- the sunset add 7 of 6:00 p.m. a couple of rainfall totals for the stone --
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15